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Fischer Data Cable

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The Lift Fischer Data Cable is the new generation of the eFoil Data Cable, this is for LIFT3 F and LIFT4 boards. The fischer connection has 5 pins instead of the older ODU cable that had 8 pins. 

An Adapter Data Cable is needed if you are connecting Fischer (5-pin) components ODU (8-pin) components. Be sure to check the connector ports on your eBox and battery prior to purchase.

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Weight: 69g
Length: 10.5″

Fischer Data Cable in Action


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Fischer Data Cable
Fischer Data Cable Sale price$250.00 USD

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Fischer Data Cable

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My best buddy and I had such a great time in our first lesson together with Mark at Luxury Surf. We both stood up and learned all the basics. The headphones made the communications easy so we could focus on improving our skills at riding. I bought my Efoil shortly afterwards and Mark helped there too. Now I have a new favorite sporting activity that is a great workout!

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Super professional, explains every move, very nice and friendly!
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Luxury Surf was hands down my favorite because the instructor Mark! What a great teacher! The dude is super patient and really supportive. After a few positioning/posture adjustments I was able to ride no problem! we went at my pace didn't feel rushed or pressured at all!

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