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USCG Captain for Specialty Watersports and Wakeboarding Boat Operations

Location: South Florida

Job Description:

We are seeking a skilled and experienced USCG Captain to join our dynamic team, operating specialty watersports pontoon boats and wakeboarding boats in the beautiful waters of South Florida. As a USCG Captain, you will play a crucial role in delivering exceptional watersports experiences to our clients.


1. Safe Operation: Ensure the safe and responsible operation of pontoon boats and wakeboarding boats, adhering to all USCG regulations, company policies, and local laws.

2. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service and create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for clients during watersports activities, ensuring their safety and satisfaction.

3. Specialty Watersports: Conduct specialty watersports activities such as tubing, water skiing, and snorkeling, offering guidance and instruction to participants of all skill levels.

4. Wakeboarding: Facilitate wakeboarding sessions, including boat setup, rider safety briefings, and coaching to help individuals improve their wakeboarding skills.

5. Maintenance and Inspections: Conduct routine inspections and maintenance of boats and equipment, ensuring they are in excellent working condition and properly maintained.

6. Emergency Preparedness: Be prepared to handle emergency situations and respond promptly and effectively, prioritizing the safety and well-being of all passengers.

7. Communication: Maintain clear and professional communication with clients, team members, and management, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.


1. Valid USCG Captain's License (at least 25-ton Master License or higher).

2. Experience operating pontoon boats and wakeboarding boats, preferably in a commercial or recreational setting.

3. Extensive knowledge of USCG regulations and boating safety protocols.

4. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to interact effectively with diverse clients and provide exceptional customer service.

5. Excellent situational awareness and ability to make quick, sound decisions in challenging situations.

6. Physical fitness and ability to handle physically demanding tasks associated with boat operation and watersports activities.

7. First Aid and CPR certification is preferred.

If you are a skilled and responsible USCG Captain with a passion for watersports and providing memorable experiences, we invite you to join our team. Enjoy the beauty of South Florida's waters while creating unforgettable moments for our clients. Apply now and become a part of our exciting watersports adventure!

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