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Get your eFoil board repaired effortlessly with our expert services. From eBox and electronic repairs to fiberglass and carbon damage, we handle all types of eFoil repairs. Visit us in Fort Lauderdale to have your board damage diagnosed and repaired with ease. As an authorized dealer, we're committed to getting you back on the water in South Florida.

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We are experienced in diagnosing your eFoil problems and issues. Give us a call, send us a text with photos or submit a repair estimate form today to get your quote.

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Foil & Foil Board Repairs

Get your downwind, wing foil, or prone foil board repaired quick and easily. We are here to fix your carbon and fiberglass problems.

Surfboard Repairs

Get your surfboard back to the waves with a ding repair or full re-glass.

Inflatable Repairs

We are here to fix your inflatable accessories or SUP here in South Florida.

Yacht Toys

Diagnosis & Repair Process

With these complex luxury water toys, there are often many components so we take efficient steps to control variables and diagnose the source of the issue quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

eFoil Repairs FAQ

We get a lot of questions about repairing eFoils, Sea Bobs and more. Reach out to us with any questions.

Call or chat with us for more details on your specific board repairmark@luxury-surf.com

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