eFoil Learning Process

eFoil Learning Process

Learning to eFoil can be intimidating at first, but with the correct approach this is an intuitive sport that anyone can learn! Here we break down the process into steps and we are able to take our time in learning and get up as we feel comfortable.

Step 1:

At first we will start riding the board on our stomach. With our elbows planted at the front of the eFoil board, we begin to accelerate. Using the hand controller, we can govern the speed and set the maximum speed to one that is comfortable. This allows us to get the feeling for how the board and the foil maneuvers underneath us as we are riding through the water. Getting used to being in control of the speed as well as the board is crucial at this stage.

Step 2:

Riding on our knees is next. We will bring our knees up to where we had our elbows resting at the front of the traction pad. Get the feel for the board with a higher center of gravity by leaning left and right to turn the board. Keeping our weight forward is crucial to staying on plane and balanced.

Step 3:

At this point we can stand on the board by bringing one foot up to replace our knee at the front of the traction pad. We can ride with one knee down for as long as necessary to get comfortable, using our hand on the board for balance as needed. During this whole process we are keeping the board on the water and not engaging the foil just yet. Once feeling stable we will keep our chest forward and pivot our back leg up to stand on the board.

Step 4:

Foiling. We want to be fully in control before rising out of the water. After riding around with the board on the water we can engage the back leg to rise up out of the water and actually foil for the first time. The goal is to do a touch and go style ride where you are rising, feeling the foil and then coming back down by leaning forward when necessary for balance.

Pursuit of Progression

After your first lesson you will be hooked on the feeling of flight from the eFoil. This is just the beginning of the pursuit of progression from laying on your stomach to flying within 2 hours, it is addicting to keep learning!

Exploration Tool

The eFoil is a fantastic exploration tool, especially in South Florida. In places like Fort Lauderdale, Boca and Miami there are many great spots to ride and so much water front. 

The Lift eFoil

We work closely with Lift Foils to give you the best equipment to learn for eFoiling. Lift is at the forefront of the foil industry and we are proud to be partnered with them in Fort Lauderdale to provide lessons and sales.

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