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Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3

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  • Orca White Chassis
  • Light Hydropack 600 Battery
  • ‘Learner’ Fixed Cord 2.0 (FC2) Rear Foil
  • All riders
  • Lightweight battery



  • Orca White Chassis
  • Long range Hydropack 1000 Battery
  • ‘Learner’ Fixed Cord 2.0 (FC2) Rear Foil
  • Bestseller
  • Long range



  • Sharkskin Chassis
  • Long range Hydropack 1000 Battery
  • Both Fixed Cord 2.0 (FC2) Rear Foil + ‘Super Lightweight’ High efficiency (HE2)Rear Foil
  • Confident starters to expert
  • Longest range



Key Features

GAME CHANGING EASE OF USE - Become a confident rider in minutes
Manta5 built in a range of newly patented easy launch tech that means new riders can now become confident riders in a matter of minutes, not hours.
40 minutes – The average learning curve from a self selected group of 35 first time test riders.

If you can ride a bike and swim, you can ride a Hydrofoiler.

Easy Mount Chassis
Composite monocoque chassis with new floatation and improved mounting ergonomics, combined with the Fixed Chord (FC2) foil keeps the bike floating upright when stationary.

Throttle Only Launch
The easiest launch ever. Launch and coast without the need to pedal. With a single finger on the throttle, you’re in the water and good to go.

Pitch Perfect Tiller
Drastically reduces the chance of stalling mid launch. The new tiller automatically locks at the perfect angle for take off, and automatically releases once up and foiling.

A THROTTLE THAT THRILLS - Introducing the Ride Controller & Throttle
A finger on the trigger is all it takes to launch, accelerate and maintain flight at top speeds. A whole new thrilling way to experience foil biking.



Safety Features

The SL3 is tougher and more reliable in the hardest of marine environments.

Hydropack batteries
Dual waterproof layers of protection with a transparent outer housing (pictured above).

Ride display
Track vital ride metrics like battery life.

Propeller shroud
An added layer of protection around the propeller.

Tilt Sensors
Instantly cuts power to the propeller as soon as a fall is detected.

Easy Launch Technology
Easy to mount and incredibly stable once up and foiling.



EASY TRANSPORT - Modular design

New toolless quick connection points for easy assembly. More modular for compact transport and handling.

Breaking down into five smaller assemblies the accessibility to standard freight carriers is now possible, increasing the options for speedy delivery.

Fits in any vehicle with the seats down or in the boot space of larger SUV vehicles.

To the water
Carry the modules by hand and assemble waterside using toolless quick connection points.

Reduced storage requirements. Suitable for yachts and other vessels where space saving is crucial.



Tech Specs

Ride duration - The longest ride duration of any electric foiling product on the market.

Speeds vary based on ride conditions, rider weight & ability.
Coming soon: Speed foil & propeller targeting increases to top end speed
Top-end speed: 20 kph | 12 mph
Cruising speed:
 11 kph | 7 mph
Minimum speed: 6 kph | 4 mph

Chop and swell capabilities
Handles rolling swell and choppy conditions. The SL3 ‘slices’ through tougher conditions than conventional SUPs, kayaks and most personal watercraft.

Hire market durability
New hardwearing monocoque chassis, a new robust drivetrain and fully sealed gearboxes are designed with commercial hire operators in mind.

The Hydrofoiler SL3 features quick connection parts that breaks the bike into 5 sub-assemblies. Transport in car and carry to the water by hand.

Ultra low maintenance, no high wear drive components like on most bicycles.
Simple hose wash down after salt water riding. 
Access for servicing/replacing modules requires less tools. Further modularity built in to sub-assemblies for affordable repair – when a fault occurs the replacement is of the affected module, not the whole assembly​.

Battery charge time
Hydropack 1000 Battery: 5 hours
Hydropack 600 Battery: 3 hours
Coming soon: Fast charger

Assembled dimensions
1.4 m High x 2 m Wide x 2.2 m Long  |  4.5 ft High, 6.5 ft Wide, 7.2 ft Long

Parts weight
Chassis: 10.1 kg | 22 lbs
Drive Train: 13.9 kg | 30 lbs
FC2 Rear foil: 5.8 kg | 12.5 lbs
HE2 Carbon rear foil: 2.9 kg | 6 lbs
Hydropack 1000 Battery: 8.6 kg | 19 lbs
Hydropack 600 Battery: 7.1 kg | 15.5 lbs
Tiller and front foil: 1.9 kg | 4 lbs
Added modularity to the SL3 has reduced the overall carry weight with the heaviest module being 13.9kg (30pounds)



Mechanical Specs

Rear Foil: HE2 Carbon
Super lightweight and high strength.
Connection: Custom Tapered Shoe
Aspect ratio: High (10)
Wingspan: 6’6” (2 m)


Front Foil: HE2 Carbon
Super lightweight and high strength.
Wingspan: 3’11” (1.2 m)

Rear Foil: FC2 Fixed Chord
Built for learners. Durable, low-cost entry option for new riders and hire operators.
Connection: Custom Tapered Shoe
Aspect ratio: High (10)
Wingspan: 6’6” (2 m)



  • Composite frame with integrated buoyancy
  • Toolless Detachable Drive unit for easy transport and storage



  • Sealed drive unit: 3 purpose-built Manta5 Gearboxes IPX8 rated
  • Gearbox: Custom planetary 
  • Driveshaft: aluminium
  • Propeller shaft: stainless steel
  • Propeller: carbon fibre reinforced nylon



Electronic Specs


  • Motor: Custom in-line motor, sealed to IP67
  • Gearbox: Custom planetary gearbox with torque, speed and temperature control, with the ability to assist pedal power or operate individually 
  • Power: 2500 watts
  • Control: Wired Manta5 Remote


Hydropack Batteries

  • Chemistry: Lithium-ion
  • Voltage: 52V (Nominal)
  • Hydropack 1000: 1000 Wh
  • Hydropack 600: 600 Wh
  • Peak Discharge: 3000W
  • Housing: Dual layer marine grade housing. Clear outer layer for easy inspection. IP67 rated. Integrated Battery Management System with constant ‘pulse’ monitoring system.
  • Charger: 52V 110/240V AC input


Bluetooth Ride Controller

  • Firmware updates via Bluetooth
  • Integrated LCD display: Live Battery Level, Assist Level, Throttle position, System Warnings, Rider Power Display, Rider Cadence Display
  • Increase/decrease electrical pedal assist (10 Assist power levels)
  • Torque and cadence-controlled motor power
  • Throttle Override
  • Different Ride modes: Pedal Assist with optional throttle override (Default), Boost (Full throttle, Max Speed)

Please note, variability in the manufacturing process and suppliers may result in minor spec changes.

Model: SL3
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Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3 in Action


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Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3
Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3 Sale priceFrom $9,749.00 USD

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Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3

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Happy Clients

Bruce T.

New Favorite Sporting Activity

My best buddy and I had such a great time in our first lesson together with Mark at Luxury Surf. We both stood up and learned all the basics. The headphones made the communications easy so we could focus on improving our skills at riding. I bought my Efoil shortly afterwards and Mark helped there too. Now I have a new favorite sporting activity that is a great workout!

Nadya K.

Mark is amazing!

Super professional, explains every move, very nice and friendly!
On my first lesson with him I was able to Foilboard right away, fell in love with it and doing my lessons every week now. If you love your life, if you want new experience- don’t think twice and call Luxury Surf to set up your appointment!

Joshua G.

Super Patient & Supportive

Luxury Surf was hands down my favorite because the instructor Mark! What a great teacher! The dude is super patient and really supportive. After a few positioning/posture adjustments I was able to ride no problem! we went at my pace didn't feel rushed or pressured at all!

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