eFoil Buyer's Guide: Battery Safety and Care

eFoil Buyer's Guide: Battery Safety and Care

Taking care of your Lift eFoil Battery is a very important part of owning your new water toy. These are powerful pieces of technology, holding a lot of voltage and potential energy they can pose a fire risk. Especially if you are in a salt water environment, we want to prevent corrosion on the electronic ports and handle the battery with care regardless. Battery fires are extremely rare, but please understand the potential of these batteries and safe practices!


  • Never charge your battery unattended, that means when you are sleeping or off the premises.
  • Never charge your battery in the living areas of a home or vessel (Bedroom, Living room, kitchen etc.) - Be mindful of what’s around your battery when you’re charging it. Chemicals, flammables etc.
  • Only charge your battery before you’re going to use it, meaning don’t let it sit fully charged for more than a day or so. Discharge them if you know they will be sitting for a few days without use. This helps with battery life as well as being a safe practice.
  • Never charge batteries in direct sunlight.
  • Let batteries cool at least 30 minutes prior to recharging. 

Lift eFoil Gen4 Battery


  • Consider always using fire rated storage containers when storing at home or a vessel. Zarges is the solution that Lift Foils sells and is highly recommended.
  • Always make sure to have the latest firmware updates provided by Lift Foils for all of your lift equipment.
  • Inspect your battery and equipment for cracks, damage or signs of failure.
  • Store batteries when not in use at 25% or slightly less. This helps battery life and is safer for idle storage.
  • Do not store your battery in high temperatures or direct sunlight.

Maintenance & Care

  • Use contact cleaner and a can of air to clean out your data cable ports on both the battery and the board.
  • Wash your battery off with fresh water and dry it before storage.
  • During travel and pre session, keep the battery in a safe and soft location.

Helpful Links

You’ll find cool updates on advancements as well as how to upgrade \ update the firmware on your battery, remote and board. Though that board was likely manufactured very recently, it never hurts to check or learn the process.

The Vimeo links below are a collection of videos from Lift foils on maintenance, storage, and use of your Lift eFoil to best preserve your investment. This is the first video in the series on initial set up. It goes over charging and assembling your board. Just go through the series one at a time and it goes all the way through your first rides. Still worth a watch. Maintenance and Storage Videos

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