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LIFT3 F eFoil

Sale price$8,995.00 USD

The LIFT3 F mast is made of machined aluminum, which is more durable and stable for our newer riders, versus our elastic and responsive carbon fiber mast on the LIFT4. The LIFT3 F features our Lift FRP propeller so you can fly longer and smoother and you can now ride on the industry-leading Lift Foils quality at a low price of $8,995 when configured with our Light Battery. The gorgeous Lift Foils eFoil design, a truly easy-to-ride, smooth experience, and a durable, best-in-class eFoil.

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    Size: 4'9"
    Color: Glacier Blue
    Battery: Light Battery 1.5hrs


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    With us, you can

    Learn To Fly

    An eFoil Lesson is the perfect jumpstart to your eFoiling journey. Try before you buy and dive into a professionally instructed private efoiling session or bring friends along to learn too! Ride time is the length of the battery which is about 1.5hrs, plus setup and safety brings the total lesson time to 2 hours.

    Lift Foils

    Try Before You Buy

    We have a variety of products from the Lift Foils range. Whether you are trying the eFoil for the first time or just looking to test a new wing, we have you covered! Receive an exclusive $100 off your eFoil purchase when you take a lesson with us.

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    Lift eFoil Models

    Compare the two eFoil models from Lift Foils.

    Board Size Options
    • 4'9"
    • 5'4"
    • 4'2"
    • 4'9"
    • 5'4"
    • 5'9"
    Board Construction


    Carbon Fiber

    Mast Construction


    Carbon Fiber

    Color Options
    • Whisper Green
    • Glacier Blue
    • Arctic White
    • Lime Light
    • Brushed Blue
    • Carbon Black
    Mast Options
    • 28"
    • 28"
    • 32"

    What is an eFoil?

    What is an eFoil? How much does one cost?

    What is an eFoil? How much does one cost?

    An eFoil, also known as an electric hydrofoil, is a personal watercraft designed to lift the rider above the water’s surface. This allows the rider to glide effortlessly over the water, using the p...

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    LIFT3 F eFoil

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